Due to unpredictable reasons, the Windows and Mac dedicated client software and the Android App are temporarily unavailable for login. Those who are already logged into the client software can use it normally. Those configured using third party software are not affected by this.

The problem has now been fixed and can be restored to Windows and Mac devices and Android phones by updating the software at the address below. Simply download and overwrite the installation.
Windows software download 64bit 32bit
macOS software download
Android App download

Alternatively, you can also use it with third party software.

On Windows, you can view the following tutorials
1. Clash for Windows

2. V2rayN

On Mac, you can view the following tutorials
1. V2rayU

2. ClashX

3. V2rayX

On Android, you can view the following tutorials

You can also wait a little while, we will update the new version of the client software as soon as possible, you can download it and reinstall it.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

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